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Pet First Aid and Dog First Aid in Calgary


Dog Training


Pet First Aid


 Prevent, Educate, & Train  ( P. E. T. )

My name is Tracy McLean and I’ve been training  and working with people and their pets in Calgary and surrounding areas since 2018.   I believe it is important to develop  a mutual understanding between you and your pet, because caring for an animal is as much about responsibility as it is about love.  I endeavour to treat each client and their pet as I would treat my own family, friends and pets.  I take the time to understand your concerns and questions so I can personalize your P.E.T.  (Prevent Educate Training)  plan.  Get the most out of your relationship with your pet by calling or emailing me today.




To make a significant difference in our community by bringing people and their pets together and building positive relationships of trust and mutual respect which results in an enhanced and improved quality of life for both.



Ruffined K9 strives to provide exceptional care and quality in our services by delivering the best possible P.E.T. Plan to ensure an outcome that is beneficial and rewarding. By treating each client and their pet as individuals it allows me an insight on the uniqueness of your situation. In my experience it is this personal touch that allows me to have an advantage within my training approach. I will deliver a P.E.T. plan that is specific for you and your pet. This unique P.E.T. plan will deliver an approach that has proven success. I work from and in this order;

1. Prevention

2. Education

3. Training


Prevention is the key in all successful behaviours that we look for in our pets. This is why it is always my starting point. I look at each situation and ask, "How can I PREVENT this behaviour from occurring?"  Secondly, I seek to EDUCATE.  I look at education as a foundation for my third step which is to TRAIN. During the training phase I teach new skills or change existing behaviours through behaviour modification training. By keeping the process simple and effective, positive results are gained and the relationship between people and their pets can flourish.

Core Values


Client  Centred Service

Commitment to providing high quality, personalized services for each client by carefully assessing and listening to their needs.




Value and respect is given to each person and their pet.  I will engage openly and honestly in order to provide exceptional service that strives to help each pet and person reach their full potential.


Positive Attitude


Show up each day with a smile on my face, love in my heart, and an optimistic outlook, seeing the best in all situations and challenges.




Be flexible and willing to change and adapt to the needs of our clients and their pets.

"Animals do speak, but only to those who know how to listen."

                                 Orhan Pamuk

Let me help you understand how to communicate with your pet.

Image by Tatiana Rodriguez

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